Sometimes you’re the sherpa, and sometimes you need a sherpa. We make sure you and your team are equipped for the adventure before you. We will undertake challenges with you, share the burden, help navigate unexpected obstacles, and keep you inspired and focused on your path, wherever it takes you. We see ourselves as partners with you in a journey toward greater growth, success, and joy. We want nothing less than to make the world a better place, one client at a time.


The most powerful tools in our toolbox are connection and conversation. From the first, we seek to better understand your goals and context so we can craft the experience you need. Our programs are tailored to provide highly relevant and actionable content.

We leverage robust assessments to gather information and discern patterns. Dana is certified in the suite of Hogan leadership assessments and is an Authorized Partner of the Five Behaviors™ and Everything DiSC® products. We view these and other tools and frameworks not as ends in themselves, but as means of sparking insight. They serve as a springboard to deeper thinking, different perspectives, and informed action.

Change happens outside of our comfort zones. Our programs are designed to be active, narrative-rich, feedback-intense, and at times uncomfortable. At the same time, people learn and grow when they feel relaxed and open. We strive to find the sweet spot between taking the work seriously, but not taking ourselves too seriously. Laughter and good humor are essential ingredients of the job.

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